Sugar addict, Carb loading Fitness freak is going to learn the word CONTROL.

I am addicted to weight loss programs.

I am addicted to the thrill of trying new diets.

I love the process of starting them on 'Mondays' with all the beauty and purity of a slate wiped clean (its forever perfect on Mondays).

I adore the highs and lows of the whole process. I love the idea of being as thin as possible whilst I eat a whole box of cookies in one sitting. This is my world, what I think about, what I daydream about...workouts, food programs, logging my calories what I'm going to eat for the next week etc etc etc..

I've got food issues. Seriously, I do. But, by starting this blog I am hoping that someway, somehow I can feel obligated to stick to my eating programs and workouts. Because consistency is the absolute key to making my fitness goals. It is absolute.

For me to lose these last 30 lbs and then some..I gotta be like superglue on this shit.

Sooooo.....By having an online 'motherhen' of a sorts will help me be more accountable and honourable to myself. We will see...usually it only takes me 2 weeks to move on to something 'new.'

But, nevertheless, enjoy the ride--cause, its gonna be pretty wacky.



The Sugar Cookie Princess

P.s. Why Sugar Cookie Princess? I love sugar, I love cookies and I am always a princess ;)

Even she knew that weights are what make the woman

Even she knew that weights are what make the woman
One of my fav's of her

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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Day 6 of Juice fast and day 11 of Repairvite cleanse

That looks good doesn't? is actually this  is pretty much  what I drank earlier today:

3-4 large stalks of kale
.5 zucchini
1 chinese pear
1 apple
3 celery stalk
healthy nub of ginger

Makes about 24 oz of juice

I am cleaning out my fridge right now, I got apple happy and bought a  bunch on discount at Harris Teeter the last week.  So, gotta juice those guys up , before going balls to the wall with a lowered fruit content of my juices.

Its been almost a week juicing and I feel fine..actually more than fine. I feel better, just thinking about some things last night in relation to my juicing and cleansing.  That  before I started all this I felt "OKAY" now I feel  "BETTER" the goal is to feel "AWESOME" 80-90% of the time all the time.

So, that is the focus and the goal..I know it is going to take some time maybe a year of solid  on and off cleanses , eating properly and juicing to get to that point.  I am just going to keep trying.  Plus, getting down to  a lower weight is the goal as well.

Lost maybe about 11-12 lbs in the last week or so..still got about 20 lbs before I get to my  half way point of  perfect weight. Total i want to lose about 40lbs total, look good naked (not flabby or wrinkly) and  be balanced in my food choices and  thyroid.

So, how is the repairvite going?...hmmm...well, nothing especially wonderful is happening, just have a steady flow of energy and no dips or  highs which I am taking as a good sign.

Although, BM have been non existent..probably from the juicing.
OH! I have added veggie protein powder to my juice, beef  amino acid tablets and fermented foods with each juice..just something that needs to be done for my body to function (I believe).

Well..that is all folks!

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