Sugar addict, Carb loading Fitness freak is going to learn the word CONTROL.

I am addicted to weight loss programs.

I am addicted to the thrill of trying new diets.

I love the process of starting them on 'Mondays' with all the beauty and purity of a slate wiped clean (its forever perfect on Mondays).

I adore the highs and lows of the whole process. I love the idea of being as thin as possible whilst I eat a whole box of cookies in one sitting. This is my world, what I think about, what I daydream about...workouts, food programs, logging my calories what I'm going to eat for the next week etc etc etc..

I've got food issues. Seriously, I do. But, by starting this blog I am hoping that someway, somehow I can feel obligated to stick to my eating programs and workouts. Because consistency is the absolute key to making my fitness goals. It is absolute.

For me to lose these last 30 lbs and then some..I gotta be like superglue on this shit.

Sooooo.....By having an online 'motherhen' of a sorts will help me be more accountable and honourable to myself. We will see...usually it only takes me 2 weeks to move on to something 'new.'

But, nevertheless, enjoy the ride--cause, its gonna be pretty wacky.



The Sugar Cookie Princess

P.s. Why Sugar Cookie Princess? I love sugar, I love cookies and I am always a princess ;)

Even she knew that weights are what make the woman

Even she knew that weights are what make the woman
One of my fav's of her

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Saturday, 17 July 2010

Fruitie Flavourful fruit fast and the furbies!! :p

This is an attempt to collect a debt....

No, its not. 
It just me, telling myself that its time to give myself a bit of a you know..wake up call???

I know I haven't been on here very much, the lack of people following my blog has kind of um well..put me off of it.  That is NO excuse though to stop, is it?...Well, recently my mom read "Sugar.." and she loved it so that inspired me to come and write alittle something just for the hell of it.
So, here is to the hell of it:

In the past week I have decided to go on a fruit fast for a total of 3 weeks.  Sounds insane I know but really, I think its a great idea.
How has the first week gone you ask?? Alittle something like this:

Fruit smoothie with greek yogurt, pineapple juice and flax with 2 scoops of protein powder
Watermelon through the rest of the day
Dinner of veggies, homemade salad dressing, nuts, or avocado with 6 oz of protein
2 bags of microwave popcorn
Trail mix (as much as I can stuff in my face)
Chocolate when-ever I feel like it
Coffee's with cream and sugar or sugar free vanilla syrup.


Some fruit fast huh?
its supposed to look like this:

Fruit all day
dinner: Large salad with tomato, cucumber, bell peppers, homemade salad dressing, nuts or avocado and 4-8 oz of protein

Followed by a
yogurt, water, berry, flax, protein powder smoothie.

One FREE dinner on saturday nights (tonight)

Did I do that?
Um. NO.


Seriously??..WHAT am I going to do with myself?
so today I decided well actually yesterday I decided that I was going to do it properly for the next 2 weeks like I'm supposed.  I viewed last week as a "warm-up" for the following weeks.
I know I can do this.  Already I do feel better, lighter and more in control (of what..I'm still trying to figure that one out.).

I know doing this will jump start some stuff in my body to feel more balanced and aligned.
Plus, its soo flipping hot out who wants to eat a bunch of heavy food for the rest of the summer??
I don't.

The only thing surprisingly is that its expensive..fruit, fresh veg and meats are all on the rise.  I don't understand this..Do they want us to eat only crap food because THEY made it for us??
Well "they" can just go fuck off.  I may complain about the cost but, its not changing anything, I am not going to sacrifice my health so that some RICH, FAT guy can continue to get FATTER AND RICHER--FUCK HIM!!

Anyway, kidlets..I'll keep you posted on the fruit fast!!
The princess...