Sugar addict, Carb loading Fitness freak is going to learn the word CONTROL.

I am addicted to weight loss programs.

I am addicted to the thrill of trying new diets.

I love the process of starting them on 'Mondays' with all the beauty and purity of a slate wiped clean (its forever perfect on Mondays).

I adore the highs and lows of the whole process. I love the idea of being as thin as possible whilst I eat a whole box of cookies in one sitting. This is my world, what I think about, what I daydream about...workouts, food programs, logging my calories what I'm going to eat for the next week etc etc etc..

I've got food issues. Seriously, I do. But, by starting this blog I am hoping that someway, somehow I can feel obligated to stick to my eating programs and workouts. Because consistency is the absolute key to making my fitness goals. It is absolute.

For me to lose these last 30 lbs and then some..I gotta be like superglue on this shit.

Sooooo.....By having an online 'motherhen' of a sorts will help me be more accountable and honourable to myself. We will see...usually it only takes me 2 weeks to move on to something 'new.'

But, nevertheless, enjoy the ride--cause, its gonna be pretty wacky.



The Sugar Cookie Princess

P.s. Why Sugar Cookie Princess? I love sugar, I love cookies and I am always a princess ;)

Even she knew that weights are what make the woman

Even she knew that weights are what make the woman
One of my fav's of her

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I don't do things well on my own. I don't like to be alone in the deepest, darkest part of the night. I hunger for the belief that everything will turn out perfectly, without having to do a mass suicide with all of the'voices' in my head. I hate thinking about anything that is reality based, who wants to? Who cares? Its all just a fantasy anyways.

Monday, 31 May 2010

White bread anyone??

Today got screwed up BAD.
I ate 4 slices of white bread (freshly baked, mind you).  With  butter and two of the slices had honey slathered on them.

I drank a whole bottle of sparkling perry to myself...and the day isn't even done yet..

I'm a carb addict AND a drunk..
What the hell?
Just because, I'm outside of the united states I still am trying to celebrate Memorial day??? ahahahah..what the??
I just wanted to give everyone an update on my day oohh also, I walked to the store which is about 25 minutes away but then we rode in a taxi back (we were bringing home bottles of evian).  So, that about ends it for my my "workout" of the day..on top of it all I"ve watched
Narnia part two
Indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark
Matrix part 1
I know I should have capitalized the second movie..but, i'm in a carb crisis right now (and drunk).  Who can be bothered , I can barely be bothered to type at the moment. If the words start looking really knwo what has happened.  The extra sweet carbs have gone into my bloodstream and caused a "carb coma"
I can't be held responsible for what I write at the moment!
Anyways, I think my period is going to start soon.....(isn't the oldest excuse in the book??)

P.s. to top the day off I ate 3 slices of cheesy onion bread from the pizza joint...just a little fyi for ya! ;)

Sunday, 30 May 2010

My first post!!

My first post on my 'eating' blog!! hahahah

I'm just going to cut to the chase..look at what I ate yesterday:

Sparkling Perry
several coffees with whole milk

Ha! Beat that!!!!!!

I've been better today overall i.e. all I've eaten is

one bagged salad with 2 hard boiled eggs w/ mayo
(mayo is from god and this earth and I am NOT giving it up without a fight)
That is it oh! and one coffee with sugar (raw) and cream

Needless to say I am feeling a wee bit hungry.
As soon as I get back to the states I will get back on the ole horse again but until then.....I'm eating good food!